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Tri-rated Cable

Tri-rated Cables are Clynder’s most popular product offering, with one of the widest stock ranges available in the UK. All of our cables are British manufactured with standard colours and sizes available ex stock for next day delivery.


To CSA Type TEW, UL Type AWM Style 1015 (including UL1028, UL1283 and UL1284) and manufactured to British Standard BS6231.

About Tri-rated Cable

What is Tri-rated cable?

Tri-rated cable, also known as BS6231 control panel wire, is a flame retardant cable suitable for high working temperatures of up to 105°C. Tri-rated cables are used in switch control in relay and instrumentation panels of power switchgear and in electrical cabinets.

All of Clynder’s Tri-rated cables carry the three approval ratings – UL (Underwriters Laboratories), CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and BSI (British Standards Institution), hence the name Tri-rated.

We test cable both in-house and also send samples regularly for testing with the approvals bodies, so this ensures continual compliance with all three standards. The product’s three ratings put it in high demand globally as the triple certification enables their use both throughout Europe as well as North America.

Some suppliers market Tri-rated cables incorrectly as H05V2-K and H07V2-K, under the European harmonisation (HAR) designation code; however this is not the same product as the standards do not overlap on the smallest three sizes.

Why Clynder Tri-rated?

Clynder Cables offer one of the widest ranges of colours and sizes in the UK, so cable is available off the shelf when you need it. The Clynder Cables brand is widely-recognised and the company is an approved supplier to some of the most prestigious names in the UK Electrical Wholesale and Distribution industries. Our BS, CSA and UL-approved Tri-rated cable is supplied to some of the leading control panel builders both in the UK and internationally. 

As a British cable supplier, we are unique in that we manufacture all of our Tri-rated cables on site in the UK, with rigorous in-house testing in our laboratory to ensure the quality of our products. Also, unlike some UK distributors, we do not dual source, so our cable never varies in colour or quality.

Clynder Cables’ Tri-rated is well known for its flexibility due to the special bespoke grade of PVC compound we use and because of this flexibility, the cable does not retain its shape on the reel (the so-called spring coil effect), meaning that the customer can use 100% of the cable on the reel.

The colour consistency of our product is unrivalled because we use distinct RAL colour coded compounds from one sole masterbatch supplier, and our extrusion machines are carefully calibrated so that the cable colour never varies from one batch to the next.

What are Bi-rated cables?

Tri-rated cables above 120mm² in size are known as Bi-rated as the CSA standard no longer applies. We stock these cables as part of our Superflex range.

What is the Low Smoke alternative to Tri-rated?

For applications requiring Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) insulation, Trirated cable is not suitable and therefore an alternative panel wire is required. One option is 2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K / H07Z-K) LSZH cable.

These panel wires can be used for equipment in sensitive public areas such as schools and hospitals to prevent the smoke and toxic fumes in a fire situation, where there could be a threat to life or possible damage to equipment.


Tri-rated cables have a plain annealed Class 5 single core copper conductor with a high grade heat resistant PVC insulation.

Temperature Rating

Maximum 105°C

Minimum -15°C

Voltage Rating

600/1000V (Uo/U)

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