About Us

Clynder Cables is a leading UK supplier of quality British-made cables based in Manchester, England. A leading brand name for Industrial Panel Wires, our Service, Quality and Consistency are second to none.

Clynder Cables has over thirty years of experience in the supply of UK manufactured industrial electrical cables.

Clynder Cables Ltd was founded in Huyton, Merseyside in 1983 and quickly established itself as the leading brand for British made high quality Tri-rated panel and switchgear wiring.

In 2002 the company relocated to Manchester, where it strengthened the distribution side of the business, expanded the product range and promoted the Clynder Cables brand.

Our cable is supplied mainly to the control panel industry through most of the well known electrical wholesalers and distributors in the UK & Ireland.

Consistency is Everything…

As we continue to grow our aim will never change in that we will always be consistent in supplying high quality cables at competitive prices. Our cable will be the same colour from one order to the next and we will deliver within the shortest lead time possible.

Clynder Cable Wiring



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