Defence Standard Cables

Single Core Equipment Wires

BS4808 Def Stan 61-12 (Part 6) Type 2 Cable

BS4808 Def Stan 61-12 (Part 6) Type 3 Cable

They are available in the following sizes: 1/0.6, 1/0.9, 7/0.2, 16/0.2, 24/0.2, 32/0.2

These products are generally available off the shelf on 500m reels in a range of colours

We can make other lengths to order.


Def Stan 61-12 (Part 4 & Part 5) Cable

Both screened and unscreened available. Constructions of 7/0.2mm and 16/0.2mm conductors.

These products are generally made to order, available on a lead time of 4-5 weeks.

Some lines are kept in stock. Please call Sales for further information.